More then 1000 different objects connected with life of I.P.Pavlov & the members of his family are kept in the Memorial museum Archives.

      Among them are the personal belongings of Ivan Pavlov: his visiting cards, an automatic pen, shaving razor, chess & playing cards, his student notes, etc.

      Well preserved are numerous letters of the Pavlov' s family members to each other; letters of Russian & Foreign friends and scientists, addressed to Pavlov himself as well as to his wife; letters of the famous artist M.V.Nesterov, who for a long time had a very friendly relationship with Ivan Pavlov and his family; and, at last, letters written by Pavlov himself: 2 letters to his daughter Vera and 2 - to his elder son Vladimir.

      In a small antique case there are Vladimir & Victor Pavlov gymnasium' s merit lists and the Nobiliary Charter of the father of I.P.Pavlov.

      In the Memorial Archives are lots of separate photographs of Ivan Pavlov and his relatives; family Albums; jubilee Albums, gifted by students and colleagues of Pavlov, colourful shots of Koltushi and Syllamai, more then 200 postcards with views of various Russian & foreign cities.

      Rather big collection of music notes are kept in a special chest. There are also a few old records, among them are abstracts from classical operas and Russian folksongs - mostly performed by F.I.Shalyapin

      Household articles, which are not presented in the Memorial exposition, such as wooden utensil, kitchen and dining sets of those time, antique handmade curtains are also kept in Memorial storeroom. With the special attention are treated in the Museum two tablecloths, one of which is created from the paintings of the famous Russian artist Bilibin, and the another - with the numerous of autographs of the Pavlov s colleagues - physiologists, made at the end of jubilee banquet and later on embroidered by the pupil of I.P.Pavlov - M.K.Petrova.

      In the archives of the Memorial flat is a number of books and articles, gifted by authors to Pavlov, his wife and children. There are more than 60 newspapers & magazines, containing articles about the great physiologist. Many of them are connected with the date of his death - 27 of February, 1936. A bronze death mask of I.P.Pavlov, made by famous sculptor M.Maniser is also kept in the Archives of the museum.